Breaking: Clinton Gets Her Own Devastating Hot Mic October Surprise On Eve Of Critical Debate

With one of the most important debates in political history on the horizon, both candidates now find themselves in hot water over a captured hot mic tape. The Clinton campaign had stayed mostly quiet Saturday, seemingly happy to let Trump take the heat for remarks of his that had been captured over a decade ago. Trump had come to his own defense earlier in the day noting that “I don’t think most people especially black, Mexican, or female people realize that a decade is ten whole years ago.” But late Saturday night, Clinton received a nasty October surprise herself, throwing both parties in to an uproar, and once again changing the direction of an increasingly volatile election.

Anonymous sources are reporting that Clinton was captured on a hot mic strapped to the chest of Oprah Winfrey after a celebration for the 2005 Emmy’s. The pair had snuck away from security apparently to spend the evening ogling men at a downtown male strip club. Blending in seamlessly with the crowd, the women appear to be discussing one of the strippers Clinton had tried to “f**k.” Along with the leaked audio, two pictures of the pair at the strip club also surfaced, adding authenticity to the tapes discovery. [FULL TRANSCRIPT BELOW]


On the audio tape, the two women openly discuss Clinton’s sexual advances, and at one point the candidate jokes that she can approach men anyway she likes because she is a politician, even going so far as to state that she can “grab them by the c**k” and “just pull them around by it.”

The timing of the found tape could not be worse for the Clinton campaign, coming right before the townhall-style debate Sunday evening, where Clinton had hope to cement her ever-widening lead over Trump. Instead it looks like both candidates will be under fire. The DNC immediately began speculating that the leaked tape had come from the Russians, a claim Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was quick to deny, stating “I am actually pleased to hear both candidates are at least somewhat as virile as myself.”


Clinton’s campaign is expected to make a statement regarding the tape at some point Sunday. Oprah Winfrey brushed off the leaked tape, noting that the comments “were just girl talk from over a decade ago” she also apologized if anyone was offended by the women’s remarks and added that she did not expect her brand to suffer because of the October surprise.


Hillary Clinton: You know and I moved on him actually. You know he was down in D.C.

Winfrey: He used to be great. He’s still very hot.

Clinton: I moved on him and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and fuck him. He was Republican.

Winfrey: That’s huge news.

Clinton: No this was — and I moved on him very heavily, in fact, I took him out Blackberry shopping. He wanted to get a new smartphone. I said I’ll show you where they have some nice smartphones. I moved on him like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and he was Republican. Then all of a sudden I see him, he’s now got highlights and everything. He’s totally changed his look.

Winfrey: Sheesh, your brother’s hot as hell. In the purple.

Clinton: Whoa! Yes! Whoa!

Winfrey: Yes! The HRC has scored. Nice!

Clinton: Look at you. You are a cocksucker.


Clinton: Yeah, that’s him. I better use some mints just in case I start kissing him. You know I’m automatically attracted to beefcake — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a politician they let you do it. You can do anything.

Winfrey: Whatever you want.

Clinton: Grab them by the cock. Just pull them around by it. You can do anything.

Winfrey: Oh that ass, all I can see is that ass.

Clinton: Oh, it looks good.