Latest Wikileaks Reveal Unveils the Shocking Connection Between Recent Clown Sightings and Prominent Republicans Christie and Pence

Two topics have dominated the media the last few months, the scary clown sightings popping up in cities across the US, and the vicious race for the presidency. Until now, the two have been viewed as entirely different stories, but the latest shocking batch of Wikileaks documents reveals that the seemingly unrelated tales are actually connected.


New pictures and documents, including a mugshot, were released by Wikileaks today and appear to show two prominent members of the GOP, Chris Christie and Mike Pence, dressed as clowns and attempting to frighten people on a rural farm road near St. Louis. The initial arrest report shows that the pair were arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Disorderly Conduct, but were quickly let go when police officers realized who they were.


The arrest report includes statements by Christie and Pence that show the two started the clown trend as an attempt to distance themselves from an increasingly erratic Donald Trump. The pair “wanted to create a distraction” determining that clowns leering at people in the dark seemed to be “the only thing scarier than Trump” according to Christie’s statement. He also noted that between his own office and the demands of campaigning he was “juggling too many things at once” and needed to create something else for the “media circus” to talk about besides Trump and his own impending Bridgegate trial.


Pence’s statement is similar to Christie’s noting the candidate felt he was “walking a tightrope” and that working with Trump was like being a “lion tamer wth an untrained lion.” After their release the police report shows the two men got in a car with fifteen or so other clowns and left the police station without incident.