Trump Sheds Light On His Flesh Tone, Says He Has Been Undergoing Treatments To Grow A Thicker Skin

In a surprising show of vulnerability, Donald Trump recently broke down on Twitter about medical treatments he has been having to thicken his skin, and the discrimination he feels he has experienced because of a pigment side effect those treatments cause.



The treatments, based on a cream created in a lab at Trump University, are apparently controversial and are not expected to be available for much longer in the US, according to the President Elect. Clinics in Russia, where restrictions on medical practices are not as strict, are expected to start offering them in January, and Mr. Trump plans on continuing his treatments there.




While there have been no conclusive studies that show the treatments are actually thickening his skin, President Elect Trump expressed optimism that they will work eventually, but said his focus is really on designing his cabinet, which he said is coming along. “It’s all gold. It’s a huge amount of gold. People should be very impressed.”

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He did not wish to make a statement about the work his transition team is doing to staff his new administration, only stating that “Everyone is going to be very happy. We have the best transition. All the decisions for it are in a safe space in my head. All the new members will get a rose sometime in the next week. It’s gonna be great. People will love it.”